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Making Technology Simple

This is a simple website, because the world is already complex enough.
Like our company's moto; "Making Technology Simple", it's always our mission to deliver effective IT solutions to our customers which make their life easier.

With us, you'll spend less time struggling with IT and more time
developing and growing your business.

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Meteorsoft Sdn. Bhd. is a leading provider of business solutions and Internet services in the region. Our services and solutions include standard business solution, mobile Solution, customize and outsourcing services to turnkey software project.
With the strong belief in delivering values to our clients and partners, MeteorSoft is committed to deliver solutions with high degree of practicality, customization and cost-effectiveness.
Coupled with strong business acumen, solution creativity and technology skill sets, MeteorSoft enables enterprises in the areas of proactive planning, monitoring, analysis and reporting.


2004 - 2006

  • 2004Meteorsoft founded on 1st of April, office in Gombak
  • 2005First copy of AutoERP (now Auto Powersuite) sold on March
  • 2005Become Dell Certified Valued Added Reseller
  • 2006Work with Motorola to facilitate its' resellers' reward portal
  • 2006Partner with MAKNA
  • 2006AutoERP first mobile version made available on HP IPAQ
  • 2006Partner with UBS and co-launch UBS-SMS system
  • 2006Enter Indonesia, provide B.I. solution to its local business


2007 - 2010

  • 2007Office relocated in SS2
  • 2008Launch APS Mobile 6.0 for HTC HD/TyTN II
  • 2008Launch APS Mobile 6.5 & APS 2008
  • 2009First 100 APS deployment in Auto Parts aftermarket business
  • 2010Enter Bangladesh, provide service solution to Nokia Bangladesh
  • 2010Launch APS 2010 which is GST-ready
  • 2010APS deploy in Africa & Myanmar
  • 2010Implement Dynamic Coding Technology into PowerSuite Platform


2011 - Present

  • 2011Launch APS Mobile 1.0 for Android devices
  • 2011Obtained Microsoft Certified Partner status
  • 2012Launch APS Mobile for Android Phone & Tablet
  • 2012Incorporated Meteorsoft Travel S/B for Travel PowerSuite R&D
  • 2013APS reaches new height with 300 active licensed users!
  • 2013Launch APS 2013 and APS Mobile 1.0 for iOS (iPhone)
  • 2013Incorporated Meteorsoft R&D S/B which focus in cloud computing
  • 2013Acquire an office lot in Oval Tower, Damansara for new office
  • 2013File application for MSC status



Systematic Development Methodology

Behind the success and quality delivery of every solution or project, Meteorsoft with its experienced professional staffs endorse its in-house project development methodology to ensure every careful step regarding the development has been taken care of.

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Phase 1inception

This initial phase sees Meteorsoft starts with discovery study.
The objective of this study is to understand our client business environment so that the client can capitalize on the benefits of the solution that Meteorsoft is going to propose. During discovery study, Meteorsoft professional staff will assess and define the initial scope of the project and detailed user requirements.

Next Phase ➤

Phase 2Definition

During this phase, Meteorsoft will revisit some of the critical functions and features to meet the actual expectation of client. This phase allows Meteorsoft to clearly define the objectives, schedule, detailed scope of work as well as the implementation plan. At the end of this phase, the blue print will be tabled for further action.

Next Phase ➤

Phase 3Construction & Control

This is the actual phase of project construction within project development life cycle. It is also important to note that the project management and quality assurance activities are critical to the project quality and success. To ensure the project is running smoothly and according to the schedule, Meteorsoft has its in-house tracking system - Daily Progress Report (DPR) to assist in the process.

Next Phase ➤

Phase 4Implementation

At the end of Phase 3 ( C&C ), Meteorsoft will be equipped with actual roll-out plan for the project. One of the critical activities in this phase is to prepare users for the testing with the assistance from client's Project Manager. At the end of the phase, user acceptance will be conducted before the system goes live

Next Phase ➤

Phase 5Post-Implementation

There are two principal activities to be conducted by Meteorsoft personnel in this phase. First, post-implementation review will be carried as post-mortem to the current project. The objective is to improve future phase of project quality and performance. Secondly, Meteorsoft will commence post-implementation support activities during the warranty period for the client. The escalation procedure will be introduced.

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With scalable, cost efficient, and reliable IT solutions, Meteorsoft emphasizes stability and quality of service in addressing the business critical needs of our customers.

Our clients include diverse organizations, from auto parts industry to retail chain-store. Regardless of industry vertical or company size, we have a solution to meet your business needs.

Working as a close partner and advisor, Meteorsoft assists clients in the design, integration and management of IT systems to deliver effective solutions that meet business objectives both now and into the future.

Standard Solutions

Custom Solutions



Do you have the magic power to turn coffee into programming codes?
Do you have the Ninja skills to convert ideas into beautiful HTML designs?

Meteorsoft is a company that encourages individuals to achieve their potential. As a team member, you will have the opportunity to work in your area of expertise or try your hand at one you're interested in - whether that be sales, design, programming, research, customer support, QA or project management.

Software Architect: 1 position available
<!------ Note: if you find this posting hard to read you probably shouldn't apply ----->
<job id="Software_Architect" position="1">
	#required_skill {
		programming_knowledge : VB.Net,CSS,HTML,OOP,SQL,
            	working_experience : min.5year_in_related_field ; 
            	education : degree("computer_science,information_technology_or_equivalent") ; 
<!----------------------------- job resposibilities: start ---------------------------->
<!-- 1. conduct, lead and coordinate software development; ---------------------------->
<!-- 2. provide technical expertise and guidance to developers; ----------------------->
<!-- 3. perform non-functional requirement gathering;  -------------------------------->
<!-- 4. carry out research on new technologies;  -------------------------------------->
<!-- 5. conduct in-house training and briefing on latest technology. ------------------>
<!----------------------------- job resposibilities: end   ---------------------------->

Mobile Apps Developer: 1 position available
<!------ Note: if you find this posting hard to read you probably shouldn't apply ----->
<job id="mobile_app_developer" position="1">
	#required_skill {
		programming_knowledge : VB.Net,JAVA,OOP,SQL,
            	working_experience : min.1year_in_related_field("fresh_grads_may_apply") ; 
            	education : degree("computer_science,information_technology_or_equivalent") ; 
<!----------------------------- job resposibilities: start ---------------------------->
<!-- 1. design, code & maintain apps for android/iOS ; ---------------------------->
<!-- 2. research & explore new technology; ---------------------------------------->
<!-- 3. perform unit testing;  -------------------------------------------------------->
<!-- 4. explore the possibilities of enhancement for existing apps; ------------------->
<!----------------------------- job resposibilities: end   ---------------------------->

Quality Assurance Engineer: 1 position available
<!------ Note: if you find this posting hard to read you probably shouldn't apply ----->
<job id="quality_assurance_engineer" position="1">
	#required_skill {
		programming_knowledge : MSSQL,CSS,HTML,Javascript,
            	working_experience : min.1year_in_related_field("fresh_grads_may_apply") ; 
            	education : degree("computer_science,information_technology_or_equivalent") ; 
<!----------------------------- job resposibilities: start ---------------------------->
<!-- 1. write and execute test script ; ----------------------------------------------->
<!-- 2. proactively identify test issues and potential improvement area ; ------------->
<!-- 3. perform unit test, integration test, regression test, performance test ; ------>
<!-- 4. consults with relevant departments in resolution problems ; ------------------->
<!----------------------------- job resposibilities: end   ---------------------------->

UI Designer

Error 404: Position not found!

We're just kidding, there's no error, we just happen to have too many UI designers in our office,
maybe we will hire again, when we get rid of the existing ones
untill then, we're not hiring at the moment.

Software Engineer: 3 positions available
<!------ Note: if you find this posting hard to read you probably shouldn't apply ----->
<job id="software_engineer" position="3">
    #required_skill {
        programming_knowledge : VB.NET,SQL,OOP,Javascript,
	working_experience : min.1year_in_related_field("fresh_grads_may_apply") ; 
	education : degree("computer_science,information_technology_or_equivalent") ; 
<!----------------------------- job resposibilities: start ---------------------------->
<!-- 1. perform full range of testing activities required ; --------------------------->
<!-- 2. may involve testing for multiple projects simultaneously. ; ------------------->
<!-- 3. write and execute test scripts ; ---------------------------------------------->
<!-- 4. proactively identify test issues and potential improvement areas. ; ----------->
<!-- 5. consult with development engineers in resolution of problems. ; --------------->
<!----------------------------- job resposibilities: end   ---------------------------->

Support Engineer: 2 positions available
<!------ Note: if you find this posting hard to read you probably shouldn't apply ----->
<job id="support_engineer" position="2">
    #required_skill {
        knowledge : microsfot_windows,microsfot_office
	working_experience : min.1year_in_related_field("fresh_grads_may_apply") ; 
	education : diploma("computer_science,information_technology_or_equivalent") ; 
    	others : posses_own_transport_and_willing_to_travel ; 
<!----------------------------- job resposibilities: start ---------------------------->
<!-- 1. serving as primary support liaison between company and user ; ----------------->
<!-- 2. keeping user informed of how and when problems are resolved ; ----------------->
<!-- 3. involved in any additional follow up, testing and trouble shooting ; ---------->
<!-- 4. responsible for appropriate referral to other support & QA areas ; -------->
<!-- 5. promote/maintain a professional, service oriented company image among users ; ->
<!----------------------------- job resposibilities: end   ---------------------------->

UIUE Consultant/Designer: 2 positions available
<!------ Note: if you find this posting hard to read you probably shouldn't apply ----->
<job id="UIUE_Consultant_Designer" position="2">
	#required_skill { : 1year !important; 
            	html : 1year ; 
            	sql : 1year ; 
            	javascript : 1year ; 
<!----------------------------- job resposibilities: start ---------------------------->
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<!----------------------------- job resposibilities: end   ---------------------------->

Meteorsoft Solutions


Understanding that each and every client and partner of ours is unique, with individual requirements and needs, we therefore customize our solutions and services for their competitive edges. These unique requirements are delivered successfully and within the agreed matrix through highly modularized products and services with proven methodologies.

Auto Powersuite, APS

Auto Powersuite

APS contains complete accounting tools that are essential in managing a business more efficiently. It is a great upgrade from many basic softwares currently available in the market. APS provides inventory management, flexible reporting, and many other well-thought features to meet specific needs of auto parts businesses.
The beauty of this software is it can grow with your business; starting with the basic modules and a few users but scaling to a complete network solution with many customization options.

APS highlights
Auto Powersuite, APS
  • comprehensive product and price management ;
  • seamless sales order & purchase order processing ;
  • fully integrated ledger accounting ;
  • powerful inventory management module ;
  • ability to integrate with mobile sales app ;
  • simple yet informative business analysis ;
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) ready .

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Travel PowerSuite, TPS

Travel Powersuite

TPS contains complete tour management solution, from tour creation, booking to fulfilment. It is great upgrade from any existing system (manual, partial manual, multiple system) it includes online booking, online payment, integration with supplier to project profit and loss.

TPS highlights
Travel PowerSuite, TPS
  • group tour & series tour booking ;
  • master creation (group, customised, day tour & ground arrangement);
  • tour management report ;
  • fully integrated accounting ;
  • accept both online & offline booking
  • payment gateway (credit card, debit card, FPX);
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) ready .

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Ecom PowerSuite

Ecom Powersuite

There are plenty of free open source e-commerce softwares available on the market, so you might wonder why do people still go for Ecom powersuite.
The reason is simple, because EPS is not only a software, it's a complete e-commerce solution built on our PowerSuite platform. Unlike others, It provides high level of customizability, security, and technical support team which you will never get from any other e-commerce software.

EPS highlights
Ecom PowerSuite
  • unlimited products and SKUs ;
  • fully customizable themes and design ;
  • high level security ;
  • promotion and campaign management ;
  • integrated content management system ;
  • integrated payment gateway
  • any feature IS POSSIBLE upon request.

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Web Design

Website Development

A website says alot about your business or service and is often the first impression that customers will have of you. It is the storefront of your online business. No matter how great your product if your website looks old, dated or unprofessional visitors will be less likely to place trust in your business.

Meteorsoft can help you to create eye-catching and user-friendly site which will give you an impressive online presence. Our website development team specialize in web designs for any size business and a well-designed website will serve as a powerful marketing tool for your business.

Business Solutions

Business Software

Most of the growing businesses will need custom software development to ensure that their IT infrastructure supports their business goals. This might be a software to link the stock control system to the accounts system or it may be a complete database driven application that runs your entire business, because no off the shelf package could fit your individual business requirements.

Our experience enables us to offer customers complete software development solutions from initial consultancy through to full project management. If your business requires either a small, custom module for systems integration, a single application for a specific task or a complete, scalable business system then we have the skills and experience to ensure successful delivery.

Meteorsoft : Mobile App Development

Going Mobile? we can help you!

Meteorsoft possesses sound technical expertise in mobile apps development for both iOS and Android. Our services offer you a complete package of enhanced problem solving abilities, real time integration, dynamic UI development for mobile platform, dedicated resources, consolidation with existing information systems and exceedingly customized apps

We hold our passion to develop top-drawer mobile apps close to our hearts; and that's why we are able to explore new horizons in mobile apps development. All applications developed by us are donned with an easy access, higher compatibility & advanced security measures. We simply need a hint of your idea and we convert your imagination into reality.

Android, Apple iOS, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, .Net, Unsemantic, Microsoft SQL Server, Java, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer
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